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Are Spirits Makers Taking A Cue From Baskin Robbins?


It seems as if the marketers at global spirits companies are spending a lot of time at the ice cream store. How else can you account for a vodka called Rainbow Sherbet or Pumpkin Pie?

Flavored spirits are a huge and growing category. From Pinnacle Vodka we have the flavors mentioned above, along with about 30 others in their repertoire, Staying with the childhood memories category, the company will introduce another new flavor later this year called Strawberry Shortcake.

The popularity of Moscato wines in the US hasn’t escaped the notice of Skyy Vodka. The fruity, light white wine is popular with younger drinkers and is now flavoring a vodka known as Skyy Infusions Moscato Grape which retails for about $27.00.

Smirnoff, the world’s biggest selling vodka, has introduced a low calorie line called Smirnoff Sorbet Light with three sorbet flavors perfect for summertime sipping. Retailing for about $16.00 a bottle, the new flavors – Raspberry Pomegranate, Mango Passion Fruit and Lemon – are available nationwide. Smirnoff has been steadily growing the “dessert “ flavors category in order to appeal to the young female drinker. Check out for recipes for vodka drinks.