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Pour Wine Without Pulling The Cork!

Exciting New Invention for Accessing a Wine Bottle Without Spoilage


It doesn’t seem possible to pour a glass of wine without first removing the cork, does it? But thanks to Greg Lambrecht, a medical device inventor and executive with a passion for wine, it is now possible.


His company, Coravin, LLC has just launched its Coravin Wine Access System, a new technology that allows users to pour and enjoy wine from their favorite bottles without pulling the cork. The device has garnered accolades from luminaries in the wine industry including the highly respected wine reviewer, Robert Parker.


Here’s how it works: Once you pull the cork from a bottle to pour wine, the wine is exposed to air and oxidation begins. The Coravin Wine Access System leaves the cork in place. First, a thin, hollow needle passes through the foil and cork to access the wine. Then the bottle is pressurized with argon, an inert gas in the air we breathe that winemakers have been using for years. The argon pressurization pushes the wine through the needle so that it flows into your glass without letting any oxygen in the bottle. Once the needle is removed, the cork naturally reseals itself, and the remaining wine continues to evolve naturally. For more details and a video link, please click here.