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A New Way To Label Wine

Humankind has been making and imbibing wine for thousands of years so it stands to reason that we know all that there is to know. Not quite. A couple of financial whiz kids have come up a new and useful twist on labeling.


Greg Scheinfeld and Jay Levy, partners in Uproot have devised a new and descriptive way to explain the flavor profile of the wine they have put in the bottle. Instead of using words, they use blocks of different colors in different sizes. That way the label visually tells the consumer what to expect. For example, if you like a sauvignon blanc with grapefruit flavors, the band of color will tell you whether it is heavily in that direction or moderate.


Uproot wines can be bought on line. Apart from sauvignon blanc, the company has an oak aged sauvignon blanc in a odd, squat bottle, call Gray Edition (a combination of Greg and Jay. Get it?) and an unusual wine called grenache blanc. The dominant flavor is petrol. Examples of the labels are below. Let us know if think this is a helpful system.