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Oakville and Rutherford



Cameron Hughes Wine has just announced the release of two new merlots from two of the Napa Valley’s famed appellations – Oakville and Rutherford – both from the 2011 vintage. Both are selling for $18.00 a bottle, an amazing bargain for truly great merlot from the Napa Valley.


How does Cameron Hughes, who doesn’t own a vineyard, manage to produce wines from such sought after appellations? He is a well-connected negotiant, a time honored profession in the wine industry. He is able to work with grape growers and winemakers who sometimes find they have too much a particular varietal on hand and are happy to sell it.


Cameron Hughes Wine sells direct to consumers on line where allowed by law. The wines are also widely distributed. Check out for more information, a map, and contact details.


The two merlots are Lot 397 2011 Oakville Merlot and Lot 388 2011 Rutherford Merlot. Tasting notes are on the web site. Enjoy!