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Bee Inspired!

The search for the perfect wine rack has a new contender. Award winning industrial designer, John Paulick, watched a documentary on bees building their hive and realized that their 120 degree joints could be applied to wine racks. Bees use minimum space and materials yet cleverly retain optimal weight distribution.


Applying his background in extruded aluminum used in designing custom shower doors and vanities, Paulick raised the initial funds for tooling through Kickstarter. He needed $15,000 but within 30 days 681 backers had pledged $65,514. The elements of the honeycomb structure are easy to assemble and can be adapted to any space and size. A video on the web site shows how it is done and it would be possible to use the system to create an entire cellar.


For anyone looking for a way to keep a few bottles neatly stored horizontally on a kitchen counter, a six bottle unit costs $149.00. Also on his web site he shows how clever designs can be customized with special lighting to look like a piece of art. Depending on how many bottles you have and how long you plan to store them, you might want to consider adding climate control. Ideally wine should be stored on its side at a steady temperature around 55 degrees. The kitchen is one of the worst places to store wine, as are the laundry room, garage and boiler room.


The WineHive is certainly a solution worth considering for short-term storage and did we mention it’s made of recycled aluminum?