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Old Distiller’s Cool Surge



Jim Beam’s introduction of Ice Surge™ Liqueur is proof that you can be cool even if you have been around for 200 years. The new cordials available in two flavors are described as a combination of refreshing fruit flavor and an icy blast.


Ice Surge™ Tropical Freeze starts off with a cool icy blast sensation followed by the sweet exotic flavor of pineapple and mango. Ice Surge™ Berry Blizzard combines raspberry with blackberry and acai flavors for a cool, minty blast with a fresh sweet berry finish. The Ice Surge bottles creatively resemble cracked ice.


Fans can “Ride the Surge” on the web site by uploading photos that will be “winterized” and can be shared across social media channels. For full details, check the web site.


Ice Surge retails for around $16.99 and is available in select markets. Check for availability on the web site.