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Web Site For Winemaker Recommendations Debuts


An innovative web site where winemakers recommend wines they didn’t make launched recently. The brainchild of two men who grew up in Napa, is the place to hear comments and recommendations from highly respected Napa Valley winemakers about wines made by their peers.


Marcus Krupp left Napa for Tufts University in Boston where he studied quantitative economics and worked in New York’s financial world. Bret Lyman studied filmmaking in San Francisco leading to a career in music videos and commercials on the East Coast. Both have returned to the Napa Valley. Marcus Krupp came up with the idea after a winemaker friend suggested a wine he should try.


The new site calls on Lyman’s filmmaking talents. Once you register, you can click on the photo of any of the winemakers featured to view a short video and listen to his or her comments on why they are recommending a particular wine. The wines can come from anywhere in the world and currently one from Australia and another from Brazil are being discussed.


Winemakers taste hundreds of wines as a part of their job as well as their passion and can offer insights into why certain wines are their favorites. The winemakers are all at the top of their game and the web site’s focus is on lesser-known wines that are often gems the rest of us have yet to discover.


Check it out and register to enjoy hearing from the winemakers who are not compensated for their opinions. The site is free and no one is trying to sell you anything.