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A Robotic Bartender for Every Home


monsieur-15Mixing cocktails can be a lot of work, especially if you are the host.  But Monsieur will solve the problem.


This futuristic robotic bartender can make 300 different cocktails and even remember your favorites, know when you’ve had a hard day or if you have company.  Plus it will estimate your blood alcohol level and help you order a taxi!


The brainchild of engineer Barry Givens of Atlanta, GA, Monsieur is an attractive black box with a touchscreen that shows a picture of the cocktail.  Drinks can also be ordered using a smartphone app so if you are watching a sporting event, for example, no need to get up and go to the machine.  However, Monsieur doesn’t deliver to your armchair – yet!


The cocktails are designed around 12 themes each one dispensing 25 different recipes.  The themes might Tiki, an Irish Pub or Mardi Gras for example.


Two models can hold either four or eight 30 oz. containers of spirits, mixers, juices, etc. and it will send you an email to remind you to go to the store when supplies run low.  You can also choose the strength of your drink.


Starting at $1,499, there will be a limited number of both versions available this holiday season with a full roll out next spring.


Click here for an in-depth interview with Mr. Givens and his partner, as well an a video.