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New Rules Help France in USA

French wines have always had to operate under very strict rules sometimes making it difficult for French winemakers to compete against the New World.  For example, in the US, it is permissible to blend wines from different areas.  Not so in France.


In 2009, the French government relaxed the rules allowing blending from different regions under the Vin de France category.  This allowed an increase in bulk wines being shipped to the US, the biggest wine market in the world, for use in box wines as well as bottles.  The TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) in this country did not permit the use of vintage year in the description.


That too has changed and Vin de France’s trade body, Anivin de France, is confident that French producers can now develop and market wines geared to American palates, especially of the millennial generation who are open to experimenting.


Expect to see more French wine on the shelves as producers push to increase their market share, especially in the bottled area.