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Top Ten Spirits in the World

For the finer things of life, the folk at Gayot have their finger on the pulse.  Just in time for Christmas and New Year they are sharing their list of the top 10 spirits in the world.   For an investment of $8,060 you can find out if you agree.


The list comprises Armagnac for $280, Calvados $500, Cognac $1,000, Grappa $180, Mezcal $200, Rum $1,000, Scotch $3,000, Tequila $350, Vodka $1,400 and another Vodka for $150.  The vodka priced at $1,400 includes a Fabergé inspired egg whereas the $150 bottle vodka is made in Madison, WI by Yahara Distillers.  It is the only American made product on the list.


For the details of how it’s made, what makes it special and worth so much, where it’s from and the brand, click here.