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Clever Wine Tote


tote1You know she loves wine, and you know she has specific tastes, so what can you give her that she almost certainly doesn’t have and which you can afford?


A very clever new wine bag may be the answer.  It is a small handbag that hangs on the wrist and holds essentials such as compact, lipstick, keys, ID and phone.  Unclip it, and it becomes a wine tote, her essentials intact in a separate pocket.  We found it at  There’s a video that illustrates how to go from small, stylish handbag to wine or spirits bag and back again.  We like the pretty spring-like fabric for summer parties (with the shortest day behind us, we’re ready to think spring!) or for a more sophisticated look, consider the always-chic black and white version.  The bags cost $39.00 each.