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Valentine’s Day Date – How to Order Wine Like a Pro

So you’ve got your date, picked the best restaurant and you are ready for a perfect evening.  But there’s that nagging doubt that you’ll look like an amateur or worse when it comes to ordering the wine.


We well remember dealing with snooty sommeliers who made us want to crawl under the table.  But things have changed and it is rare to encounter a supercilious ass who makes you feel like a cretin.  Today’s wine stewards are generally cheerful, knowledgeable, helpful and polite.


We found some helpful pointers by sommelier and educator Stephanie Miskew.  We definitely advise checking the wine list on line and if it’s not available, drop by the restaurant in advance and ask to see it.  That way you won’t be bamboozled by the selection or terrified by the prices.  If you don’t know anything about French wines, then stick to California.  The wines are fabulous and the names pronounceable.

Bon appétit et bon chance!