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Irish Whiskey Going National in Time for St. Patrick’s Day

Jim Beam has an Irish whiskey called 2 Gingers.  It started off in the Midwest but is now going national.  St. Patrick’s Day is March 17 so they’d better hurry up!  We were interested in knowing how it got its name.  It is twice distilled.  Could that be it?  Someone suggested with a chuckle that maybe a couple of redheads were involved.  So we did a search and guess what?  Kieran Folliard, the founder, named it after his mother and aunt who are, yes, fiery redheads.  Both are pictured on the bottle.


The web site describes it as “smooth, malty, and slightly sweet to start, with a tingle of honey and citrus. The woody essence of this four-year-aged blend suggests caramel and vanilla to the finish.”  Works for us.


2 Gingers started off in Minnesota in 2011 and after selling more than 20,000 cases, Mr. Folliard sold it to Jim Beam in 2012.  It retails for around $19.99 a bottle.  What a great gift for your favorite redhead!