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Cream and Rum Make a Tippy Team

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TippyCowFour delicious combinations of Caribbean rum and Wisconsin cream have hit the market in 22 states under the very cute label Tippy Cow.  Packaged in old-fashioned milk bottles, the Tippy Cow flavors are Vanilla Soft Serve, Chocolate, Orange Cream and Shamrock Mint.  The product is not too high in alcohol at 14% abv, which is about the same as many wines, and the price isn’t bad either at $16.99 for a 750 ml bottle.


Tippy Cow comes to us from the makers of RumChata, a cream liqueur from Agave Loco Brands, Pewaukee, WI.  RumChata’s white and gold-labeled bottle does resemble a large bottle of hand cream but from all accounts, it tastes a whole lot better.  A dollop in coffee is a winner; it can be added to your recipe for French Toast, or substituted for cream in a White Russian and you have a Blind Russian.  But if you substitute it for the cream, you get a White Cuban.  Or was it a White Mexican?  Sounds like an international incident in the making.  Just don’t add anything acidic or it will curdle.


Wisconsin cream and Caribbean rum- what’s not to like?