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How You Can Be a Wine Judge

We’ve often wondered why the regular wine drinker is ignored when it comes to judging.  After all, they are huge purchasers of wine but how many of us really know what “green gooseberries” and “crushed violets” really taste like?  For many, the pretentiousness, sophistication and mystery surrounding wine tasting are downright scary.

Happily Tim Hanni, MW is ready to deliver us from all the guff and put the judging in the hands of amateurs at his 6th Annual Consumer Wine Awards to be held in Lodi, CA on Saturday, March 22.  If you are selected as an Evaluator, you will be asked to rate each wine on whether or not you like it.  That’s it.  It’s very simple.  No questions about nose, color, fruit, finish, aging, oak or any of the myriad components and attributes considered by wine professionals.

The tasting takes all day and since there may be a many as 40 wines for you to taste, you do have to spit.  It’s easy once you try, honest.   The idea for such a tasting results from a growing body of work and research by Tim Hanni and his team to offer an alternative way to taste and enjoy wine, not to replace expert, traditional opinion and competition.

Tim has spent years studying the psychology and physiology of taste and his research has questioned many long held beliefs and sacred cows in the food and beverage industries.  To find out what kind of palate you have, go to and take the quick survey.  You may be surprised by the result and just how accurate it is.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Annual Consumer Wine Awards and perhaps becoming an Evaluator, click here.

Tim Hanni’s book answers the question “Why You Like The Wines You Like” and is available on Amazon.  It’s an intriguing read.