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William Wolf background

A belt of bourbon pretty much describes some whiskeys that can be a bit harsh and hot.  Not this one.  William Wolf’s Pecan Bourbon is incredibly smooth, with just enough pecan distillate blended in to make it interesting.  It is slightly sweet but not cloying and it finishes with a silky, butterscotch feel and flavor.

For the regular bourbon drinker, it will make a pleasant change, especially as the weather warms up – although it does tastes awfully good in front of the fire with the rain beating down.  For the non-bourbon drinker, it will be the start of a love affair with that wily badass wolf and his banjo.

Rev William Wolf Art2

Try it straight or add an ice cube.  Mix it with Coke or ginger ale or try the popular Wolf Sour — William Wolf Pecan Bourbon, ice, honey, and a generous squeeze of lemon.  We decided to substitute it for rum in bananas flambé served with whipped cream with a dash of vanilla.  Delicious!  Since there was plenty of cream left over, we put a few dollops on top of a two-ounce pour, swished it around a bit and voila!  It was better than Irish Coffee and a lot easier to make.  We’ve also tried it as an after dinner drink paired with dark chocolate.  Great combo!

William Wolf Pecan Bourbon sells for about $29.99.  Check the web site for recipes and silly sayings.  Join the Wolf Pack!  It is currently available in New York, South Carolina and Texas with Illinois coming next month.  Both Larchmont Liquors in N.Y. and Owen’s Liquor in S.C. ship to states where legal.