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Whiskey Made From Beer? It’s True.

Did you know that beer can be distilled into whiskey?  We’ll admit we didn’t until we read about it in The Wall Street Journal.  If you think about it, which most of us haven’t, both are made from grains so why not.

The WSJ article referred to Charbay Distillery in the Napa. Valley.  They distilled 6000 gallons of award winning Bear Republic’s Racer 5 IPA down to 590 gallons of whiskey.  The process took 10 days, working around the clock.  The distillate was then aged in French oak for 29 months.  The result was described as “suave”.  You can find it on their web site and it costs $79 a bottle.

Distilling beer into liquor has been going on for a long time in Germany, Scandinavia and Japan.  Exploring and learning more about this category has been added to our lengthy bucket list.