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What the Europeans Think of our Eating and Drinking Habits

Apparently saving their hides from the nasty “isms” that plagued Europe in the last century doesn’t count when it comes to criticizing Americans.  The European collective opinion of us on a range of subjects was not flattering, but when it came to eating, we found ourselves reluctantly agreeing with them.

They say we eat too fast.  Well, it’s not for nothing that we invented fast food, duh! And when dining with others, we forget to relax and have a conversation.  The Europeans do not view eating as something to be done as fast as possible so we can move on.  They see a meal as something to savor with a few glasses of wine and relaxing conversation.  Definitely not the stuff of power breakfasts and lunches.  We could all take heed and probably be a lot healthier and happier.  But then that report the boss wants won’t get done.

When it comes to drinking, again the Europeans enjoy sitting over a glass of wine or beer and apparently don’t understand that we do too.  Having engaged in more than our fair share of that activity, we can say with authority that we Yanks can be out-guzzled in plenty of arenas.  Octoberfest comes to mind.

We could get into discussing productivity but that’s no fun.  Let’s just all agree to be different.