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Who Are The Booze Billionaires?

Forbes Magazine, which compiles important lists such as who are the richest people in the world, has just published a Top 100 list that includes the most successful traders in alcoholic beverages in the U.S.  The list also shows where they rate in the Top 100 Richest People in the U.S. list:

In first place is the Busch family with an estimated worth of $13 billion.  They owned Anheuser-Busch until they sold it for $52 billion to InBev.  17th place overall.

Next comes the Browns of Brown-Forman.  Think Jack Daniels and other spirits and wines.  They’re worth $11.6 billion.  20th place.

In third place is the Gallo family.  Closely held E&J Gallo is worth $9.7 billion.  25th place.

Fourth and fifth places go to a couple of distributors.  Beer distributing Reyes family at $8 billion and Wirtz family at $4.2 billion.  They are 29th and 64th respectively.

Coors comes in sixth at $2.9 billion and 81st place.  We thought they’d be worth more but that’s not too shabby, followed by another beer distributor the John Anderson family at $2.5 billion and 94th place.

Rounding out the Top 100 list, in 100th place, is the Jackson family of giant winery Kendall-Jackson.  They’re worth $2.3 billion.