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Beer Convention Set for 2015 in San Diego

Home brewers start packing!  San Diego is in your future in June 2015.  But it nearly didn’t happen.

The California Assembly and the Governor came together to pass Assembly Bill 2609 amending an earlier bill that caused the cancellation of the Southern California Homebrewers Festival and the AHA National Homebrewers Conference this year.  It all revolved around allowing home brewers and winemakers to taste product at competitions or educational events.  If you want to read the details of the law, you’ll find it at

Governor Brown signed it into law at the end of August and it will become effective January 1, 2015.

California has been central to the origination and growth of both craft brewing and home brewing so it was ironic that an earlier law made it impossible to hold a convention in the State for the growing hobby and business of home brewing.  San Diego is a great venue so when it’s snowing outside, feel free to start humming “California Here I Come”.