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Craft Beer News And A Crazy Video

March 27, 2015 – It isn’t just the domestic market that is seeing soaring sales for craft beer. Browsing around the Internet we came across a report on CNBC about the growth of craft beer exports. According to the Brewers Association, craft beer export volume rose 35.7 percent in 2014, totaling an estimated $99.7 million.

The top five export markets, by market share are:

Canada: 53 percent
Sweden: 12 percent
United Kingdom: 10.7 percent
Australia: 5.1 percent
South Korea: 3.4 percent

We’re not surprised as we noted in an earlier article that the rest of the world is taking note of American craft beer and brew masters are actually coming here to learn more.
Then we looked at a clip from Fox Business where Gerry Willis interviewed Candace Moon, a craft beer attorney.  Now that’s the category graduating to the big time. Turns out, the lawsuit department is heating up over trademark infringements.  As breweries grow, their intellectual property becomes more valuable and requires defending..

Many breweries are small and local but when they enter national shows, where they hope to be named best brew and win medals, they find out they’ve infringed on someone else’s trademark.  We were looking at the craft beer display in Total Wines & More recently and it is quite a trip.  The plethora of clever names and label designs is amazing and entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, we found this video on Yahoo!  These two guys are desperate to have beer delivered to them at their sofa.  They figured it out! Take a look