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Maker’s Mark Wins Florida Lawsuit

May 8, 2015 – A Florida Judge ruled in favor of Beam Suntory, owners of Maker’s Mark bourbon, in a lawsuit brought by two consumers over Maker’s Mark being labeled “handmade”.  The Florida lawsuit followed a suit filed in San Diego by two consumers who filed class action suits over the “handmade” claims.  There are no developments to report in the California case.

U.S. District Court Judge Robert L. Hinkle concluded the ruling by saying, “In all events, the plaintiffs have not stated a claim on which relief can be granted”.

The bourbon maker and its parent, Beam Suntory, regarded the suit as “frivolous” and “without merit” and see it as a warning to others who “would seek to gain from similar baseless and irresponsible litigation.”

We’ve reported on several similar lawsuits including one just two days ago involving MillerCoors and Blue Moon beer.  The beer costs a little more than regular Coors and Miller and is described as “artfully crafted.”  The plaintiff says they are confusing the public as to what is really a craft beer.  Maybe he’s the one that’s confused.  Hard to believe a craft beer aficionado wouldn’t be aware that Blue Moon is a MillerCoors product.