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Vodka as a Bug Repellent and Other Uses

May 15, 2015 – Vodka has other uses besides as a cocktail concoction.  We’ve covered this before but Yahoo has come up with a list of 13 different ways to use vodka, several of which are new to us.

If making flaky pastry has you flummoxed, substitute a tablespoon of vodka for every third tablespoon of water.  Since some recipes recommend two to three tablespoons of iced water, we’re not sure how this works.  Guess a little trial and error is called for.  Flaky pastry can be elusive so it’s worth an experiment.  We’d love it if ours turned out like the one nearby from

Just one ounce of vodka mixed with water will do in the dandelions and dabbing neat vodka on jellyfish stings is far more pleasant than the usual treatment of dabbing with urine.  Makes you wonder what vodka and urine have in common.
Need a little help in the do-it-yourself dry cleaning department?  Spray clothes with vodka to remove odor.  The smell of vodka dissipates, too.

Of course it goes without saying that all you need is the cheapest vodka you can buy.  For the complete list of all 13 and recipes for making various solutions, check them out at