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Take me out to the Ballpark for a Glass of Wine

June 10, 2015 – Major League Baseball isn’t about beer and peanuts anymore. Craft beers, maybe, but wine is the hot new trend. We happened to see something about the Washington Nationals new Cabernet Sauvignon. Clicking on the where-to-buy information, we were surprised to find ourselves on The Bounty Hunter web site – in the Napa Valley! The Bounty Hunter is a favorite haunt with great wines and knowledgeable, helpful staff. You can also get some decent BBQ to keep body and soul together while you try to control your spending spree.

We called Alan who personified Bounty Hunter enthusiasm for his products. Yes, indeed, they carry the Nationals wine plus the wines of the Red Sox, Braves, Diamondbacks, Twins, Orioles, Cubs plus 10 others. And they ship to 44 States plus D.C. so if you’re a Yankees fan stranded in, say, Cub territory, a nice guy in Napa will ship you Yankees wine.

So, be honest, Alan, are you really selling these teams’ wines out the Napa Valley? He assured us they are doing well, sometimes better than well. We noticed the wines have good reviews and “pedigrees”. The MLB is not selling plonk.

Here’s the place to go for yourself, a friend, or how about Father’s Day? Dad’s favorite team, you know, the one that you and he have argued over for years, probably has wine available and as long as you don’t live in Pennsylvania or some other Prohibition-era state, they’ll ship it. Their phone number is (800) 943-9463.