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Chivas Takes the Clink Outta Your Drink

July 10, 2015 – What sound is sweeter than the clink of ice cubes in your drink after a hard day?  Or any day. We like Chivas but no clink in your drink is like banning bubbles in Champagne.

We are impressed, however, that Chivas Regal 18 teamed up with Pininfarina, the Italian design company responsible for some of the world’s sleekest cars such as Ferrari, to create a machine that produces large, teardrop shaped ice cubes.  They are really big, about the height of a whisky glass and cover the whole base so that only one cube is necessary or will fit. Hence the silence.  The teardrop also melts more slowly because of less surface area.  Don’t quite get that but we’ll take their word for it.

So if Johnnie Walker’s crazy gimmicks aren’t your cup of tea, or rather Scotch, (see the nearby blog) then you can buy a machine for your bar for a mere £275 ($423.00) but there might be duty and you’d need one of those adapter gizmos to convert it from 220 volts to 110.  And it will be so quiet you’ll feel sad.