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Free Wine App Helps You Choose Wines You Like

October 29, 2015 – We’ve all had that moment of wondering if we should plonk down our hard earned moola on a bottle of wine, only to be disappointed when we taste it. Worry no more.  The uncertainty of choosing a wine is a thing of the past if you have the new, free app from Wine Ring.

Here’s how it works:  You have to do a bit of work to establish your preferences which simply means you taste a wine then rate it on Wine Ring as Love, Like, So-so or Dislike.  Since it involves drinking wine, it is hardly onerous or hard work.  The app then identifies your preferences.  As you continue to taste wines, and who doesn’t want to do that, and enter them in the app, your profile and preferences expand.  However, we’re told the technology can determine preferences based on very few wines.

Wine Ring’s quiz couldn’t be simpler.  No questions about whether you drink your coffee black or white, or what kind of chocolate you prefer.  Just select one of four choices to rate a wine you are actually drinking.  As Pam Dillon, CEO and Co-Founder describes it, “Wine Ring is a new kind of technology, one that puts the human taste for wine into your smartphone.”

We asked Pam how many wines are in the database and whether they are predominately Californian or imported.  Since East Coast and West Coast markets are different, they have beta operations on both coasts.  They have access to every label approved by the TTB (Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau) amounting to hundreds of thousands of labels, plus information on hundreds of geographic areas and grapes as well as thousands of reviews.  If you can’t find the wine you are drinking, simply take a photo of the label and submit it for instant identification and preference compatibility.  Pam told us that they are finding an interesting trend requesting information about really esoteric wines.

Other cool features include Fast Tracks, a quick way to establish preferences for reds, whites and rosés, sparkling and fortified wines by tasting just a handful of wines; or Journal which keeps a journal of all the wines tasted by the user and allows the addition of personal notes which can be shared with friends via social media.

Go to for more details, FAQs, etc. and check out the short video on YouTube  Download WineRing iOS on the App Store; the Android version is on the Play Store.