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World Whisky Day May 21

World Whisky Day logo

May 20, 2016 – Saturday, May 21 is World Whisky Day.  Since it is only the fourth year of World Whisky Day, you can be forgiven for never having heard of it.  Or you might ask, “Isn’t every day whisky day?”  You’d be right about that, too.

There’s a web site dedicated to World Whisky Day and Whisky Wednesday for those of us who don’t want to wait a year for a drink.  After much clicking around the site we came to the conclusion that World Whisky Day is a marketing ploy by UK online wine and spirits seller Click N Drink.  However, we’re not disparaging their venture since they are raising money for charity.  Buy any whisky from them on Saturday and 30% will be sent to a charity, which in 2016 is desperate town in Kenya in need of just about everything.

So what’s going on in the USA for World Whisky Day?  Click on “Find a Location” and an interactive world map pops up that is geographically questionable for US locations, followed by descriptions of venues around the world in no sensible order.  It would be helpful if they were organized by country, or continent at the very least.  The entries start in Jakarta, Indonesia, move to Coldstream, Australia, to Buckingham, UK to Omaha, Nebraska.  You get the drift.

Click N Drink’s altruism is not shared by other participants as far as we could find.  We checked out dozens of entries from one end of the globe to the other and there was no mention of money going to charity.  What we did find was some very fun events that we’d like to go to.  How about five premium Japanese whiskies paired with five courses of modern Japanese cuisine prepared by a celebrity chef at Tokyo Bird in Sydney?

Since there may not be a World Whisky Day celebration near you, organize your own!  Here are a few suggestions to get you started, all award-winners and we’re including tasting notes.  It helps to sound knowledgeable and feel like a connoisseur even if you are not!  But we know you are working on it.

Oh, and while we think of it, Father’s Day is around the corner (June 19) and any one of these bottles would make a great gift for Dad.


Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Double Gold Medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Bulleit® Bourbon was inspired by a family recipe passed down through generations to founder Tom Bulleit. Only ingredients of the very highest quality are used. The subtlety and complexity of Bulleit Bourbon come from its unique blend of rye, corn, and barley malt, along with special strains of yeast and pure Kentucky limestone filtered water. Due to its especially high rye content, Bulleit Bourbon has a bold, spicy character with a finish that’s distinctively clean and smooth.

90 proof, Suggested Retail Price $45

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye Whisky

crownGold Medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Recently crowned the 2016 World Whisky of the Year by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, Northern Harvest Rye embodies some of the finest ingredients and craftsmanship in the whisky world. Crafted from 90% rye, the offering is produced at the brand’s distillery in Gimli, Manitoba, where the distinctive Northern winters create the perfect conditions for a deliciously flavorful, extraordinarily smooth whisky.

90 proof, Suggested Retail Price $30

Blade and Bow 22-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Chairman’s Trophy and score of 99 at the 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Double Gold Medal and title of “Best Straight Bourbon” at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Blade and Bow 22-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a limited release whiskey that pays homage to the legendary Stitzel-Weller Distillery. Blade and Bow 22-Year-Old tastes smooth and smoky with good oak structure, accented with notes of torched sugar, sweet vanilla bean and a spicy dry rye finish.

92 proof, Suggested Retail Price $150

The Hilhaven Lodge


Double Gold Medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

The Hilhaven Lodge™ is a new-to-world whiskey developed in collaboration between spirits company Diageo and Hollywood director, and current owner of Hilhaven Lodge, Brett Ratner. The Hilhaven Lodge features a distinctive blend of three different styles of whiskey spanning across three decades – Bourbon from the 2000’s, Tennessee Whiskey from the 1990’s and Rye Whiskey from the 1980’s. Combined, these whiskeys offer an unbelievably smooth tasting experience.

 80 proof, Suggested Retail Price $50