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Millennials Love Wine

May 20, 2016 – The Wine Market Council’s recent report continues to fascinate anyone involved in wine production and marketing.  As they drill down, what comes to light should gladden their hearts about the future.

The Millennial demographic starts with anyone born in 1980 so we’re looking at 20 to 35-year- olds.  They drank 159.6 million cases in 2015 or 42 percent of all wine consumed in this country.  This makes them the leading wine drinking group.  And they like it all – red, white, rosé.  In fact, because of them, rosé has seen a historic 13 percent increase in sales.

Millennials are not heeding the Government warnings about alcohol consumption.  They like wine for lunch, dinner, watching TV or whenever.  Each occasion leads to 3.1 glasses unlike the wussy GenXers who only drank 2.4 glasses.  It especially appeals to young women who are way ahead of the boys still downing their beer and shots.

A good percentage of Millennials have high paying jobs since nearly 20 percent of them have no trouble paying $20 or more for a bottle.  The Boomers on the other hand have wised up and are worrying about retirement.  Only five percent of them spend that kind of money.  The rest are in Trader Joe’s buying Two Buck Chuck by the case.