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Flying With Wine and Spirits

July 1, 2016 – Recent visitors from overseas who wanted to take some California wines home with them, prompted the search for rules and regulations for flying with alcohol.  We found a very informative and helpful site from Europe that covers 12 countries, including the United States, and the EU. Not only do they cover the rules, they offer solutions for safely packing and checking wine.  Their very nifty, specially designed wine luggage makes hauling all those treasured memories of your trip a piece of cake.

The site is and the information you need can be found in “Flying With Wine 101” under the Info button.  Most of the details apply to checked baggage as quantities of more than 100 ml of liquid cannot be placed in carry-on.  There is an exception for larger quantities that are purchased at Duty Free.

For quick reference, scroll down to the clearly laid out chart showing the country, alcohol type, duty free limit, duty and tax above the duty free limit and total limit.  Countries covered are the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland and the E.U.

Another super service the site offers is baggage allowance information.  Apart from helpful tips, they provide links to 344 airlines.  Use these links and save a lot of time.

In addition to luggage specifically designed to transport wine safely, Lazenne offers several helpful gadgets for travelers such as a TSA certified combination luggage travel padlock and universal power adaptors.

If international travel is in your future, we highly recommend checking out