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A Bunch of Grapes Sells for $11,000 in Japan

July 8, 2016 – A single bunch of a prized variety of grape brought 1.1 million yen, or just shy of $11,000, at an auction in Japan.  Ah, wine lovers, imagine the wine such grapes could produce!  Not happening.  These grapes called Ruby Roman are sold as fresh fruit.

Fresh fruit is extraordinarily expensive in Japan but these grapes set a new record.  They are cultivated exclusively in the Ishikawa prefecture and each grape must weigh at least 20g, about the size of a ping pong ball, and have a sugar content of at least 18 percent, according to The Guardian in the U.K.  The Ruby Roman first appeared in 2008 and the price has risen every year.

A supermarket purchased the grapes and will put them on display then give samples to a few lucky customers.  The bunch has 30 individual grapes which means each one is worth $366. Imagine all the great bottles of wine you could buy for the price of one grape!

As a publicity stunt, we’d have to vote it a success.