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Rosé Gummy Bears Sell Out in Two Hours

July 15, 2016 – We knew rosé was incredibly popular but we were slightly awed to read in Decanter, a British wine publication, that gummy bears infused with Whispering Angel rosé wine sold out within two hours of going on sale and there is now a waiting list of more than 3,400 people.  Apparently the response overwhelmed the company, which will have more stock available towards the end of July.  The “Yes Way Rosé” collection is made in Germany.

Wine infused gummy bears are the inspiration of Sugarfina, a Los Angeles company that decided adults deserve some kid fun, with an adult twist, of course.

The company also offers Champagne gummy bears and Bubble Bears made with Dom Pérignon vintage Brut and Rosé Champagne, all imported from Germany.  Champagne Bubbles are made in the USA.  There are all kinds of fascinating, boozy, and non-boozy, treats at