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Serious Help for the Cocktail Challenged Now Online

August 19, 2016 – We’ll admit to being among the seriously challenged when it comes to cocktail creation.  We admire and are fascinated by all the mixologists we’ve met, and vow to do better next time, but…

Help is at hand in the digital version of the famous Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide that can be accessed at  This wonderful and highly respected guide has been a bartender’s friend for 80 years plus.  Check it out and be delighted and charmed by the old world style, sly humor and valuable information that is available to professional and neophyte alike.

This is what you’ve been waiting for!  There are 1,500 drink recipes that would take four years to make if you made one every night!  You’d also have quite a liquor collection, although to his credit, dear Mr. Boston does say you can use your own stash.  He has recommendations, of course.

We can’t wait to get started and to inspire you, we’ve selected several recipes which you will find here.