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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Split May End Wine Project

September 23, 2016 – The first thing that came to mind when we heard about the Brangelina breakup was what will happen to Chateau Miraval?  We have our priorities, you know.

The couple leased the Chateau in 2008 then purchased it for $60 million in 2012.  According to People Magazine, the sprawling villa in Correns, France, in the heart of Provence, has 35 rooms and sits 1,200-acres.  Many of the structures date from the 17th century and include what is left of a Romanesque chapel, where Jolie and Pitt were married.

The vineyards on the estate are farmed organically and the couple’s top selling wine, Chateau Miraval Rosé, has been widely acclaimed internationally and was named best rosé in the world by Wine Spectator in 2012.

So what will become of Chateau Miraval when they split?  Rumor has it that Angeline wants to go into politics in the U.K. and it appears that farmer Brad is the one that spends time at the Chateau.  Locals say they’ve heard the estate has been quietly up for sale for a few months.

No doubt we will be breathlessly apprised of each and every detail as the divorce proceeds, including the disposition of Chateau Miraval.