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Luxury Flask From U.K. is a Unique Gift Solution

November 25, 2016 – Here’s the solution to the annual dilemma of what to buy Dad/Your Boss/Valued Client/Best Friend – anyone in the “What the heck can I buy them” category.

X Flasks of London offers a choice of gold, rose gold and silver flasks that are very compact but hold an amazing 170 ml. Those little bottles on airlines are 50 ml so the X Flask offers three good shots of its delicious contents. The cost is an affordable $55.94 and shipping is free! If you order now you will have it within two to three weeks. If you need it sooner, or you don’t get around to placing your order, Express Shipping is an additional $11.00 approximately.

The company will engrave the flask for $13.00 and they turn it around in 48 hours. Imagine how impressed the recipient will be knowing you had the gift flown in from London and engraved as well. Gift packs are also available – free engraving – but because of U.S. liquor laws, the bottle of whisky is replaced with stone whisky cubes that cool the whisky without diluting it.

The flasks measure 4.84” high x 3.54” wide and 0.38” deep and weigh just 5.29 ounces. They are completely seamless and come with a lifetime guarantee. And they are not just for the boys. Women like them too, the rose gold being their favorite color.

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