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Patrón Tequila Announces Winner of Art Contest

December 9, 2016 – Patrón’s third annual “Art of Patrón” Bottle Art Contest was won by Scott Innes of Philadelphia, PA. He was one of 10 finalists chosen from hundreds of entries, which the public was invited to vote on. “Art of Patrón” Bottle Art Contest, is an initiative encouraging artisans across the country to use Patrón’s signature bottles as artistic inspiration for a chance to win $10,000. The 10 finalists are featured here:

Mr. Innes’ entry was an oversized, handmade hammock comprised of 1,523 Patrón corks woven together to create “The Art of Relaxation”. He collected the corks over 15 years from various Patrón bottles, including Patrón Silver, Patrón XO Cafe, and Gran Patrón Platinum.

The number of corks fascinated us so we decided to do the math. We’ll assume they came from 750 ml bottles. So 1,523 corks x 750 ml bottles results in a massive 1,142,250 ml of tequila or 301.8 U.S. gallons. Next we wondered just how much tequila would have to be consumed per year for15 years to acquire that many corks. Works out to 76,150 ml per year or 101.5 x 750 ml bottles. We believe Mr. Innes did not personally consume all the tequila but had access to the corks. That’s a relief.

His hammock is quite beautiful and must have taken a steady hand and an awful lot of time to construct. He deserves the $10,000 cash prize and his “Art of Relaxation” will be showcased at Patrón events during the coming year. We’d say he also has a future in furniture design.