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The Perfect Gift for the Sweet Wine Lover

December 9, 2016 – Anyone who prefers sweet wine knows what it feels like to hear “Oh?” with a raised eyebrow when confronted by a serious oenophile.  As a wine connoisseur, said oenophile almost certainly has contempt and pity for the poor person who dares to voice a preference for something on the sweet side, even with steak.  So if a sweet wine lover is on your Christmas list, you can make their holiday a very happy one with a copy of Tim Hanni’s just published “The Sweet Wine Lovers’ Manifesto:  Ending the tyranny of the dry wine fashionistas”.

Our good friend Tim Hanni has spent his life studying gastronomy, wine, and wine consumers all over the globe.  His first book “Why You Like the Wines You Like” deals with the vast differences in sensory perception.  That makes sense.  We’re all different.  It is a fascinating read for anyone in the wine business at any level or who just likes wine and wants to understand more.  It is available at

“The Sweet Wine Lovers’ Manifesto” has just been released.  If you don’t care for high alcohol, tannic red wine, you are not an unsophisticated moron.  There’s nothing wrong with preferring wines that are a little sweeter, less alcoholic, and less bitter or astringent.  Hanni takes umbrage with society’s “wine experts”.  He calls on “the wine enthusiasts and professionals, sommeliers, wine educators, wine merchants, wine writers—to learn to understand, honor, and respect these differences”.   Adding “And maybe your spouse and/or friends could do the same while we are at it?”

“The Sweet Wine Lovers’ Manifesto” is available in paperback via for $12.95