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Wine Handbags Are All The Rage

February 27, 2017 – Anyone who is slightly serious about wine is sure to have all kinds of totes and bags for getting the essential bottle or wine gift to its final destination – Enjoyment!  But we’ve moved well beyond schlepping a bottle that is really hard to disguise if the state of Enjoyment! is at hand.  What we need is easy and discreet access to the lovely nectar that is the whole point – well, almost the whole point — of whatever it is we are doing.  Enter the wine handbag.

Because we saw a handbag that took our fancy just the other day, we did an online search and discovered there are an amazing number of designs for dispensing wine from one’s handbag via a spigot.  One way is to take the wine filled bladder out of a boxed wine, complete with spigot and put it in a handbag that has a hole cut in one side where the spigot can be inserted.  It probably works well but a purse with a spigot hanging out of it is not exactly discreet.  There are also a couple of wineries designing boxes to look like handbags, which is a cute idea but not the least surreptitious.

No, we definitely want to be unobtrusive and we also want to choose our wine, or for that matter, cocktail mix.  So we like the PortoVino bag designed by Bella Vita Bags.  But they have sold out!  Here’s what happened.  A fun web site,, saw the bag and made a catchy video.  Within an hour it had one million views!  Five days later it had 45 million views!  Marisa China, owner of Bella Vita was in shock.  She had ordered 1,800 bags from her manufacturer as this was a new product and, of course, they are long gone.  Needless to say, the company is gearing up to meet demand and is taking pre-orders

The reason we like it so much is the bag is stylish in red, black or blue; the spigot is concealed by a flap that clips over it; the bladder hold 1.5 liters, more than enough to lug around; and there’s an option to purchase additional bladders to fill with the wine or beverage of your choice.  The bags cost $74.95 and additional bladders come in a set of three for $17.95.

Here’s the video that caused the sensation