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White Wine Needs an Emoji

Flora Springs White Wine glass small emoji

August 8, 2018 – Red wine has an emoji.  Sparkling wine has an emoji.  Beer has two emojis.  Cocktails have a plethora of them.  But white wine has none.  How unfair is that?

But we can change that and thanks to Flora Springs Winery & Vineyards, white wine is now on the radar of the Unicode Consortium governing body of such things worldwide. Flora Springs’ campaign for a White Wine Emoji began in late 2017 when the winery’s social media ambassadors became frustrated that there was no emoji for wine other than a red wine emoji.  So they developed a white wine emoji graphic, seen here, and a social media campaign using the hashtag #WhiteWineEmoji.  Other wineries joined in.

Flora Springs Emoji board


Here !Emoji Button

In early May 2018 Flora Springs submitted a 9-page petition to the Unicode Consortium, and also launched a petition to further boost support for the White Wine Emoji. It was at that point that the Consortium encouraged Flora Springs and the other wine companies that submitted petitions nearly simultaneously to work collaboratively on the project, as opposed to one company taking the lead.

The Unicode Consortium hasn’t ruled yet but if you love white wine you can join the effort to make it happen by signing the petition at then you can count yourself as part of a global wine effort for change. With all the hullabaloo around rosé everything, we’re amazed there isn’t a pink wine emoji but surely it will come.  And it should.

Hats off to Flora Springs, a small winery in the Napa Valley known for its lovely wines, for taking the lead to make something happen.  Next time you are in the Napa Valley, drop by for a special white wine emoji–themed tasting and wine package at its popular and friendly tasting room in St. Helena.