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Getting A Grip On Budweiser’s New Can


June 3, 2013 – When you are the biggest beer brand in the U.S., changing the can is not a simple or fast undertaking. It also require considerable investment.

During May, Budweiser is rolling out its revolutionary new aluminum bowtie-shaped can that mirrors the iconic bowtie logo. Look for it in stores in a special 8-pack.

Described as “unique and innovative”, the proprietary can has been in development since 2010. The process requires 16 steps and extra aluminum. Ten steps form the bottom half of the can with an additional six steps to complete the top portion. Since aluminum can be stretched only about 10 percent without fracturing, considerable engineering expertise was required to ensure very precise angles.

The slimmer, easy-to-grip can holds 11.3 ounces of beer and is about 8.5 calories less than the usual 12-ounce can. It will be available only in the United States and is not intended to replace the traditional Budweiser can. The company sees this addition to their line as trendy, eye-catching and very appealing to young adults. It is being described as “easy to grip” with a good feel in your hands and a definite conversation starter.

The new can will be available in grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and packaged liquor stores. Consumers interested in locating where they can purchase the special 8-pack can call 1-800-dial-Bud.