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Building A Better Beer Can


Jul 2, 2013 – The Sly Fox microbrewery in Pottstown, PA is debuting a revolutionary “360” lid on its can of Helles Golden Lager. It will be available in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Delaware.

As the name implies, the lid is entirely removable allowing the full flavor and aroma of the beer to be enjoyed, as it is when poured in a glass. The technology was introduced by Crown Holdings, a packaging company headquartered in Philadelphia.

Sly Fox Brewing Company has been at the forefront of innovations in the craft beer industry being one of the first to package their product in cans in 2006. Aluminum has many advantages including being lightweight and fast chilling. It is also 100% recyclable over and over again. Plus aluminum can be used in venues where glass is banned. Sly Fox is the first company in North America to use the new “topless” can.