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A Novel Way To Serve Coffee And Whisky


October 15,2013-

Serving whisky over a coffee ice cube sounds interesting and something that would liven up a gathering of friends, especially as the weather gets cooler. So we checked out the web site and the video and it is something we think we’ll try. Maybe.

The creators are DunneFrankowski, two gentlemen who describe themselves as “A Creative Coffee Company”. The new drink is called “The Antipode” probably because one of the team is from Australia. We reviewed the recipe and these two are definitely aficionados when it comes to coffee. Perhaps our French Press will do the trick and will we really know the difference? Doubtful. We liked the use of muscovado sugar, which led to a whole lot of informative research on muscovado, demerara and turbinado sugar to make the simple syrup.

It should work with either Scotch or Bourbon. If you make it, let us know how it turned out.