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Dainty Desserts Use Eco Friendly Wine Containers

Desserts with Stack Wine

June 12, 2014- Individual servings of dessert always look festive but using glass poolside, on the patio or for picnics just isn’t smart.  Solution?  Drink lots of Stack Wines, save the containers and use for individual desserts.  Each container is the perfect size for something a bit rich that looks pretty, or you can just scoop in ice cream or sorbet.  The munchkins will love it.

Here’s what we concocted for the Fourth of July using four containers:

You need:

Angel Food Cake or Pound Cake


1 cup Mascarpone (an Italian sweet cream cheese)

1 cup Whipping cream

6 Tbs Powdered sugar

1 Tsp Vanilla

Strawberries and/or raspberries



DessertsSlice the strawberries into small pieces and if using raspberries, cut them in half.  We mixed the two.  Add a bit of sugar and toss gently to bring out the juices.

Cut a couple thick slices from an angel food cake loaf and trim the edges.  Cut each slice in half.

Crumble each half into the bottom of each cup then drizzle about a teaspoon of Grand Marnier over the cake crumbs.  Mix the cake around a bit to distribute the liqueur.  You can substitute some other liqueur that you like and have on hand.

Beat a cup of Mascarpone with a cup of whipping cream.  Add six tablespoons of powdered sugar and one teaspoon of vanilla.  Beat until thick, but not really stiff.

Using a teaspoon drop a few dollops of the cream mixture over the crumbs and spread carefully.

Then spoon some of the strawberries as the next layer and cover with cream mixture.

Top with blueberries.  Refrigerate.

May be done a day ahead allowing the flavors to meld.

Tip:  If you peel off the labels, remove residual glue with lighter fuel.  Apologies to Stack Wine!