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A Perfect Summer Red Wine


Summer is the season of grilled meats and casual meals that calls for a red wine that is delicious and fruity but not overpowering.  We found just such a wine from the Veneto region of northeastern Italy.

Recently introduced to the U.S. market, Astoria Primo Rosso is a lovely blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Pinot Noir and 20% Merlot.  The nose is distinctly Cabernet Sauvignon but the Pinot and Merlot add soft layers of fruit on the palate and finish.  The tannins are well tamed, so this is a perfect red for drinkers who are not fond of big, tannic reds.  Wine critics love to use the word “approachable” and it truly does fit here.  Astoria’s Primo Rosso is definitely a red wine to enjoy on a hot night or any time with pizza or pasta.

Made from estate grown grapes by the Polegato family, third generation winemakers and the largest private landowners in the region, Astoria wines are widely distributed across the country.  The suggested retail of $10.99 also makes it approachable.  Packaged in a uniquely shaped premium bottle, the discreet little tag that peels off the capsule is a nice touch.