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Holiday Entertaining: Impress Your Guests With Amazing Drinks

William's Forbidden Apple

November 10, 2015 – We bake, we decorate, we sweat the details and we wonder what else we can do to make our holiday gathering memorable.  Offering wine and/or beer is without doubt the simplest option but you could go one better and impress your guests with something really unusual and fun in the cocktail department.

Our mission was to find cocktail recipes that are different but stress free for the host or hostess.  So we turned to our friends at William Wolf Pecan Bourbon for inspiration.  They shared recipes and ideas that range from simple and delicious to show stoppers.

The White Wolf couldn’t be simpler:  William Wolf Pecan Bourbon served over ice in a rocks glass with a touch of Bailey’s on top.  Yum!  Or the Wolverine, which is the bourbon served over ice in a snifter glass with Hennessy Cognac floated on top.

We also hear that Pecan Bourbon fans have been known to add it to pumpkin beer or chocolate stout.

William's Forbidden AppleFor something more adventurous consider William’s Forbidden Apple.  The only “think ahead” thing you have to do here is make some apple cider ice cubes.  Pour the Pecan Bourbon over an apple cider ice cube.  Served in a glass rimmed in brown sugar, it looks glamorous.

Smashing Pumpkin BourbonThe recipe for Smashing Pumpkin Bourbon Cocktail came from  The author sensibly suggests mixing up enough of the base for at least three drinks since you are going to want more than one.  For a group, multiply the ingredients below for two or three drinks per person and mix them in a jug.  You can do this ahead and keep it in the fridge.  When it’s party time, just top each individual drink with ginger beer.  Serve with ice.  It couldn’t be simpler but really different.


1 Tbsp Pumpkin Butter

1.5 oz. William Wolf Pecan Bourbon

1 Tsp maple syrup (optional)

¼ Tsp cinnamon

Ginger Beer to top it off

We have to admit putting pumpkin butter in a cocktail would never have occurred to us, which is probably why we write about other people’s recipes, not our own!  Your guests will never figure out the mystery ingredient.

William Wolf Pecan Bourbon is available in these states NY, NJ, MD, DE, DC, SC, FL, TX, IL, WI, MN, LA, GA, NE, MA, AR, NV and is about to launch in WA.  If is in your state but not in your local store, ask them to bring it in for you.  You can also purchase it online through retailers that ship spirits legally.  For more recipes check out