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Bacardi’s New Shades – A Fashion Must-have

Bacardi Sunglasses 2

June 24, 2016 – Remember the Johnnie Walker Booze-in-the-Shoe gambit? Well Bacardi Rum has gone one better.  Way better.

They are recycling the wood from retired oak rum barrels as eyeware!  Certified craftsmen from Puerto Rico-based RAW Eyewear manually perform the painstaking process of assembling, sanding and finishing the frames to produce sleek, wooden-framed sunglasses. The exclusive and stylish line of sunglasses includes four on-trend designs and each pair features a carved BACARDÍ bat logo at the temple as well as Italian polarized lenses.

Sunglasses are trending vintage in style and Bacardi’s retro eyewear hits the mark with four unisex designs. The lightweight, comfortable frames highlight the wood grain and texture and are available in blond wood and dark chestnut hues.  Lenses come in cobalt blue and sunrise orange.

Apart from being sophisticated and fashion forward, Bacardi’s line of sunglasses is eco-friendly, durable, hypoallergenic and, of course, each pair is unique.  The polarized lenses eliminate blinding glare from shiny surfaces, improve contrast and visibility, and reduce squinting, eyestrain and ultraviolet rays.

Bacardi Sunglasses 1They launched exclusively at the Bacardi visitor center in Cataño, but you don’t have to hop a plane to Puerto Rice as they have just become available on Amazon.  The US price was quoted to us as $195 a pair but we’re seeing them on Amazon at $217.43.  Be sure to enter “Bacardi wood frame sunglasses” in the search box.  If you are outside the United States and Canada, they can be ordered from Bacardi.  Magda Ledesma will process your order.

The sunglass frames from recycled barrels is another program in Bacardi’s “Good Spirited” sustainability initiative.  One that intrigued and alarmed us was the statistics associated with the company’s move to ban the use of straws and stirrers at their plants worldwide.  Straws and stirrers are among the most collected pieces of trash in our oceans. According to The Last Plastic Straw, if you lined up the 500-million straws used and discarded each day in the U.S. alone, you would be able to wrap around the globe two-and-a-half times, and this is equivalent to filling 125 school buses to the brim, each day, with just straws. That equates to 46,400 school buses every year, says the U.S. National Park Service. The reality, however, is that more than 175 billion straws are filtered into landfills and litter the oceans, yearly.

Bacardi_Corporate_Logo_thumbnailWith straws ranked No. 5 on the list of top-10 items collected in the ocean, Bacardi urges everyone to add, “No straw, please,” to every drink order. The company estimates that by not using straws at Bacardi’s in-house events alone, 850,000 straws will not be added to trash annually.