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Innovative Closure Featured by Bronco’s Red Truck Wines


October 7, 2016 – Red Truck Wines, owned by Bronco Wine Company, one of California’s giant producers, is launching an innovative spiral cork that fits a special glass bottle with an internal thread in the neck creating the world’s first cork stopper and glass bottle with easy-to-open and reclose technology.  Called Helix, the closure was developed by Amorim and O-I, the world leaders in cork and glass packaging.

The new twist-to-open concept is an ergonomically designed and sophisticated wine packaging solution. No tool required!  Helix combines all the benefits of cork and glass – quality, sustainability and premium image – with user-friendly, twist open, re-sealable convenience.  We love the concept and look forward to trying it out.

For many of us who enjoy opening a bottle of wine, the ritual of uncorking the bottle, and the satisfying “pop” as the cork is released, is a part of the occasion, almost the DNA of pouring and drinking wine.. Thanks to Helix, for the very first time consumers can enjoy this classic ritual, including the associated “pop,” without the need for a corkscrew in an easy-to-open and easy-to-reclose package.