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Craft Beer Deserves Craft Chips


November 18, 2016 – Forget the dip.  All you need is Neal Brothers chips.

The Brothers, two of them, hail from Toronto where their life’s mission is to create “better for you” snacks.  Their all-natural, non-GMO, kettle cooked chips are now available in the U.S. at Whole Foods.

The four flavors we sampled are especially compatible with beer:

Pink Himalayan Salt (Pair with golden amber, medium-bodied, hints of citrus and pine, prominent hop bitterness)

Spicy Srirachup (Pair with golden orange, medium-light bodied, hints of fruit and spice, slightly tart, dry)

Maple Bacon (Copper, medium-light bodied, strong hop bitterness, citrusy, floral, resinous, fruity)

Montreal Steak Spice (Coppery red, medium-bodied, light hop bitterness, hints of caramel sweetness)

nb-chips-pink-saltEach flavor is very different and unlike other chips we’ve eaten, and all are delicious.  The chips are very crunchy and smaller in size than most chips, which we liked.  No crumbs on the floor!  Dip is not necessary.  In fact it would spoil the wonderful flavor and texture of the chips.  Just open the bag and snack on.  You could casually mutter that you have gourmet chips on hand and your guest will certainly be impressed.