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Enjoy Super Bowl Punch & Restore Oregon’s Forests at the Same Time!

January 30, 2018 – Whether your team wins or loses, you can still feel good at the end of the game by serving a punch from Trail’s End Straight Bourbon Whiskey because you will be helping the reforestation program of the nearly 48,000 acres that were destroyed in Oregon’s Eagle Creek fire in September 2017.

Trail’s End is a special whiskey and one of our favorites.  It starts off as an ultra-premium Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that is initially aged in Kentucky in new charred white Oak barrels for eight years.  It is then brought to Oregon where it is steeped with Oregon Oak, perfected with glacier-fed spring water from Mt. Hood and bottled at 90 proof. 

The Oregon Oak imparts a bolder oak profile and does so very quickly, so it doesn’t add more than a few months to the aging and finishing process.  On the palate, however, the Oregon Oak adds a warm nuttiness that differentiates Trail’s End from its southern kin.

So saving and restoring Oregon Oak, which was devastated in the fire, is very important to Hood River Distillers, the proud owners of Trail’s End.  They will donate 50 cents of every bottle sold during 2018 to the National Forest Foundation’s Trees for US program.  The company has guaranteed a minimum donation of $5,000, which will support the planting of 5,000 native trees in the Pacific Northwest.

Below is a recipe for a Super Bowl punch but before you go there, let’s just recall that Trail’s End, introduced in 2015, has already pocketed these coveted awards (and we’re in complete agreement with the judges!):

Double Gold – New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, 2017

Double Gold – San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2016

95 Points, Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation – Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016

Gold Medal, The Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards, 2016


Trail’s End Super Bowl-levardier 

2 X 750 ml Trail’s End Bourbon
1 X 1 L Quality Sweet Vermouth (ideally Yzaguirre if available in market)
1 X 1 L Campari

Combine in a large bowl or jug.  Serve a 2 oz pour on the rocks, garnish with an orange peel.