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For National Margarita Day Try Something Really New, Easy & Organic

February 14, 2018 – National Margarita Day is February 22, which falls on a Thursday this year.  Bummer!  Having to get up Friday morning puts a damper on things but you can still relax with a delicious, organic, hassle-free Margarita at home in a matter of minutes.  The secret is premium powdered cocktail mix from Mixallogy.

We’ve tried it.  It works.  And we recommend it.  Here’s the skinny:

The just launched Mixallogy collection consists of organic powdered cocktail mixer for three classic cocktails – the Margarita, the Cosmopolitan and the Lemon Sour.  Each mix is made from USDA certified organic whole fruits, contains less than 10 grams of organic cane sugar per serving and has no chemicals, artificial flavoring or preservatives whatsoever.

The mixers come in little pods, like Keurig coffee, which is the first thing everyone says when they see them!  All you do is:

  1. Empty the contents of the pod into a cocktail shaker*
  2. Use the pod to measure an equal part of preferred spirit
  3. Use the pod to measure an equal part water
  4. Add as much ice as you want
  5. Shake or stir; pour into a glass and enjoy

*If you don’t have a cocktail shaker Mixallogy will sell you one for five bucks on their web site.  It works well and can be converted into a cocktail glass.

 We rounded up a couple of 20-something millennials who were more than happy to join cocktail focus group.  We started with the Margarita mix.  Our resident, self-appointed Margarita aficionado declared it very good and said he would enjoy drinking more of them.  This was seconded by both the millennials especially the one who said his favorite cocktail was the Margarita.  The Cosmo drinker liked her Cosmo.  The rest of us non-Cosmo drinkers thought it was OK, too.  Then we tried the Lemon Sour.  The first round we made with Pau Maui vodka and it was hugely successful and voted top flavor by all four of us.  Later, when everyone had disappeared, I made a Whisky Sour using Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky and it was killer.  Good.  I didn’t have to share!  Cooks and dishwashers deserve a reward.

Mixallogy is very cost effective at six individual servings for only $7.99 at Spend $20+ and shipping is free.  Our millennial girlfriend’s idea of setting up the three flavors along with three cocktail shakers and appropriate bottle of spirits with each one is a brilliant answer to carefree