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MANCAN Rosé Wine Made for Memorial Day

MANCAN wine in cans

May 21, 2018 – MANCAN Rosé Wine Made for Memorial Day.

MANCAN has added a delightful rosé to its popular white, red and fizz wines in a can and it’s available for the start of summer celebrations this coming weekend.

MANCAN launched in 2015 and was an immediate hit with Americans on the move with summer activities.  Cans go where glass isn’t welcome such as beaches, boating, national parks and sports events.  That means wine now can be enjoyed everywhere.  Plus aluminum is lightweight and infinitely recyclable.

We’ve tried the newly released rosé and readily recommend it.  Since we were in our kitchen where glass is allowed, we served ours in a wine glass so we could admire the pretty color.  But it tastes so good we’d be happy to crack a can anyplace and enjoy it.  The blend is un-oaked Chardonnay and Zinfandel (contact with the Zinfandel skins imparts the pink color) and we picked up slight notes of strawberries on the nose.

Try MANCAN’s other flavors too.  Our next favorite was Fizz, a light, bright semi-sparkling white wine.  Like the rosé, Fizz is refreshing.  Their red blend is soft, smooth and fruity, perfect for casual occasions with or without food.  It’s OK to chill it a bit in hot weather.  There’s also a still white that dedicated white wine drinkers will enjoy.

MANCAN is made from grapes grown in Sonoma, CA where it is vinted and packed.  The illustration on the cans is of a historic firehouse in Cleveland, where the company is headquartered, along with Gracey, the company dog.

How much?

Suggested retail per 375 ml can is $4.99.  As a guide, 375 ml is 12.7 ounces or half a bottle so on a per 750 ml bottle basis, pricing is very competitive (and no corkscrew required!)  You don’t have to be going anywhere.  Just drink it at home after a hard day at work.  Each of the MANCAN wines are 12.5% ABV.

Where to Buy

MANCAN is available across the U.S.  (CA, OH, MI, TX, DE, MD, FL, VA, MA, CO, GA, MN, OR, WA, NV, DC, and NJ) at key retailers including Whole Foods Market and Total Wine and More. The Rosé blend is also available for purchase online at

MANCAN wine in cans